Sunday, January 23, 2011


Don't even know how to start this off. My heart is burdened. There are a lot of people in the world, in this country and all around me that are suffering. I see my fair share of it now. I used to live in my little bubble, I knew that there were people who were suffering somewhere, and that I should really pray for them or something, I was happily ignorant. Praise the Lord, He didn't leave me ignorant. I have many opportunities now to share Jesus with hurting people around me, not because all of a sudden God opened some doors for me, but because those opportunities are always there and I have just finally opened my eyes and seen them!

This week was a difficult one, gonna share a little bit of one girls story with you. She has just recently gotten out of rehab, her mom has custody of her 3 little girls. She really wants to do better. She told her boyfriend, who abuses alcohol and drugs, and who she also lived with, that she couldn't be around him anymore, so now she has no place to live. She is staying with anyone she can, trying to stay away from the stuff that got her in trouble to begin with. The day I met her, and this part is kind of personal and gross, just a warning. She was on her period and she owned no tampons/pads and no panties. She had wadded toilet paper up and put it in her pants. Ok ladies, have you ever not owned panties? Or not been able to buy just the basic hygiene care items? Almost takes away your humanity, doesn't it.

Yes, I and others were able to help her with those basic needs. But she needs sooooo much more, and lots of love and prayer. Will you please pray for her that she will be able to stay strong and stay away from drugs and alcohol? And more important, please pray for me for wisdom and courage to be able to help her with not only her physical needs but that I can share with her the One who can fill that hole that she used to fill with drugs and alcohol. There wasn't much of an opportunity for me to do that this week, but I want to be ready when the Holy Spirit says go:) She said she will be at church this morning, I can't wait to see her!

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CrossView said...

*sniff* Love this! It's hard sometimes, once you start to "see" how many hurting people there are.