Friday, September 4, 2009

Puberty, yuck.

So my oldest just turned 9 on Tuesday and she has started puberty! Yes I am talking about a sensitive subject, so read with caution. I realize this might mortify her if she knew I was posting this, but she will never know. I just feel the need to share, and since I am pretty sure only women read this blog, and we've all been through this, I think we will all understand. About a year ago she started getting breasts, not much, but alot for an 8 year old. We had her checked out and they do an xray to check for what is called "bone age" in children and if that is the same as their biological age they are fine, and she was. Well in a year she has gotten quite larger breasts and started showing other signs as well. Took her back to the dr. and her bone age is now 11, which means she has entered puberty, and it looks like she is running toward it full boar. ~sigh~

She is only 9! Now granted she may not actually start menstreuating (sp?), for a few years, but then again it could be not that long either. Regardless, kids that young shouldn't have to deal with this. She is getting an MRI done in October to make sure there is nothing abnormal there causing her to start puberty at this age, just as a precaution. But that is going to be a real fun day. She probably is just an early bloomer, so we aren't real concerned right now. I know there are lots of women who started their periods at 11, even some 10, but I have always thought that was soooo young. I was 14, quite the late bloomer, and I loved it.

I was really hoping she would be a late bloomer too. But Kayleigh never does anything like a "normal" child, lol. She has had her share of struggles in her life and it just seems that when it rains it pours. I know she will be fine and that this is a part of life and cannot be avoided, and it's natural, blah, blah, blah. But she's 9 and she's my baby and I don't want her to have to deal with this until the last possible moment, I'm asking alot, I know.

I am not going to tell anyone about this right now, I don't even want to tell my mom or mil. I just really don't feel like having to tell people something else our daughter is having "issues" with. I also don't want to hear anyone tell me this is just a fact of life and I need to deal with it, as one of my friends, actually a good one, said in so many words. Because I might punch them, seriously. I needed to share though, and thought this would be a safe place. My family does not visit this blog so I'm good, lol. And you guys are not in physical reach of a "punch" at the moment, haha.

I know there are so many worse things out there that could be wrong with my daughter, trust me. And my heart goes out to those parents whose kids face things much tougher than this, and I apologize to any of them if this seems trivial. I count my blessings daily! But it doesn't make the struggles she has faced hurt any less.

Thanks for "listening".

Old Spice lip gloss

So I found Gwen yesterday coating her lips with Donny's deodorant. ~sigh~ She is such a plunderer! My other two weren't at all. Not that Gabe doesn't misbehave in other ways, just getting into everything wasn't one of them, lol. She wasn't poisoned, I know this because the one time Gabe did plunder he also ate some deodorant, and wasn't using it as lip gloss, it was a snack. I called poison control then, and they told me that you have to consume alot of it for it to hurt you, so all was well.

We have decided we must put locks up high on the bathroom door and the front door to keep our explorer safe. Her name is now "Hurricane Gwen", and that sums it all up. If she lives to be 10, it'll be a miracle. If I live to her 10th birthday without every single hair on my head turning gray that will be a miracle. Although no one will ever know if it all turns gray because my hair is a beautiful shade of mahogany brown with some red tones, Medium Spice, to be exact, and will stay that color for a loooooooong time, lol. No growing old gracefully here, fighting it tooth and nail!