Thursday, May 29, 2008

Golf and Life

My husband has been playing golf for a very long time, and is somewhat obsessed with it. I dabbled in it a little bit before we had kids, even took a group lesson. Wasn't very good at all. We started having kids and then I just kind of quit. Well recently I have taken it up again. We joined the country club. Ok I know that sounds very rich and snotty, but it really isn't. We live in a town of about 7000 people, very rural area. It only cost $550 for the whole year for a family membership, which includes golf and use of their pool. That is very cheap! It isn't a fancy schmancy kind of thing. Here you don't have to be a doctor, lawyer or something or know someone to get in, it is not an elite kind of thing in this town. Anyway, I digress, just absolutely don't want to portray an image that is soooo not us! I have been playing as much as I can these past couple of weeks and I am hooked. It is sooooo hard, and doesn't look like much fun. But once I started actually hitting a few good shots I am becoming obsessed! Oh and of course I have the gear. We, dh picked them out, got me a cheap set of clubs at KMart, they are pink and black, I have the glove, hat and shoes. I also bought a couple pair of long golf shorts at Wal Mart, even a plaid pair. So even if I don't play very good, I look good, lol!

But I am feeling guilty for my new habit. Is it really being a good steward of my time to play, or at least want to play, alot? Golf, or any sport for that matter, doesn't produce any fruit for God's Kingdom. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove sports, and am a very competitive person, and I do think that sports is a valuable tool in teaching kids, and adults I guess, things like team work, (it's not all about me), good sportsmanship, how to respect authority, etc. But I could be doing so much more with that time. First I could be doing things at home or with my kids. Now let me interject that I don't and can't play everyday, but even a couple times a week is alot when it takes 3-4 hours to play 18 holes! There are lost people everywhere, I could be out trying to win them! I could be studying my Sunday School lesson, or just Bible study in general.

On the other hand I also know that moms need some relax time to themselves, we all do. Burnout happens very easy with three small children. I guess I just need to maintain a balance! And maybe God will put a lost person in my path on the golf course? Hey, they play golf too! Seriously I don't want this frivolous hobby to become what my life revolves around, and probably since I am aware this could happen, God will keep me in check! If I do become obsessed, I guess He could just make me play horrible and want to give it up all together!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Tonight our oldest has her end of the year school program, she is officially a 2nd grader! WOW! Wasn't she just born last year? HaHa! I sometimes think it is a cosmic (ok, I don't believe in the "universe" rules our lives theory, I'm a firm believer in God and His sovereignty in our lives, but I digress) joke that when our kids are babies and aren't sleeping through the night that we feel these days will never end and then wake up one day and they are 10!

I was always sad when the school year would end as a kid, I am a sentimental sap, and feel the same way now. Knowing that with the end of each school year my baby is getting older and older, as do I but that is another post!, and will someday soon not be my baby anymore, makes me sad beyond words. Not that I would want her to stay this age forever, but it sure does hit home how we need to enjoy each moment and each day we have, because all too soon it will be over! ~sigh~ I feel so old, :(

The house stuff is coming along. Now there is a different set of worries! Like I hope we can afford it :) It's not like we bought some kind of mansion or anything, finances in general always just stress me out! We have sold our lot that our old house was on, which is a very good thing! So in about a month about a thousand loose ends should be tied up, and none too soon! I hate danglins'!

Then I have to buy furniture for a whole house in a few weeks time. Although it will be fun to be able to buy mostly new, or new to us, things, without worrying too much about money, it will be extremely stressful just getting the necessities like beds, couch, kitchen table, if you ask my husband, tv, picked out and delivered in a short period of time. I know this time will pass and at Christmas I will look at our house and be extremely grateful, which I really already am, and content, and thankful, but Christmas is a looooong way off:)

Seriously though God has been really good to us through the provision of His people and I feel so blessed to call Him Father. I am better than I deserve!

Monday, May 19, 2008

House stuff

Everything so far is going ok with the house. Financing is approved and the appraisal will be done soon. We should be able to move in within 3-4 weeks, yay! The thought of moving is not fun, though, not in the least. Not that we have alot to move, but we have to paint, buy everything, get it in the house, assembled, etc. Hang blinds, curtains. Clean. Move what we do have, and try to be organized at the same time. We might also have our lot sold which means we will also have to get our stuff stored in the sheds out there, into town. And there is a LOT of stuff, yuk! I will need to have a big garage sale. Blah, I just can't wait until this is all over, and it is August and we are all settled in!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We found a house!

So we found the house! It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with family room and living room. Also has a garage and fenced in backyard with patio and deck. It is perfect for us! We made an offer and it was accepted, yay! Now we just have to actually get the house, which means getting through all this financing, closing stuff, yuk! Will be glad when it is all over, and the key is in my hand! Almost there!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

House Hunting

For anyone who wouldn't know, of course most people reading this know me so pretty everyone does know, we are house hunting right now because our house burned down back in December. And it is stressing me out! The looking at houses part is a blast! The actually thinking about can we afford it, fit in it, how high are the taxes and utilities, does it need any work, can we get financed part bites!

We have a few small issues with our credit and we need to get those straightened out soon. Now that we probably aren't going to do a manufactured home we need to get the lot sold, which means if we sell it before having a place to live we will have to find somewhere to store all the stuff in the 2 garages that were out back and were full, YUK! But we do want to sell it ASAP! Then once the credit issues are done, we will have to see what amount we qualify for and if we can find the right house for that price. ~sigh~ I just feel very stressed and very out of sorts right now. Kind of feel rushed a little, but we are trying to avoid that. So if everyone could just pray for us that everything would turn out how God wants it to and that we don't end up doing things our way and get a house we can't afford, or some such boneheaded move, it would be greatly appreciated!