Sunday, August 30, 2009

This n That

Don't get to go to church this morning, ugh, I HATE missing. I enjoy being with my Christian family so much! Gabe has a slight fever this morning, and the stomach flu has been going around, but no puking yet! Usually Donny stays home since I teach a class, but he is working today, so I'm home :(

Been reading some really, really great books lately. Under the Overpass by is an eye opening account of two mens journey to choose to live homeless for 6 months, to better be able to understand and minister to people's needs. And WOW, you really get a look at people's misconceptions and attitudes toward homeless people that are absolutely sickening and frightening.

The other book I'm reading is Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. This book gets at the very heart of our Christianity. Of how so many of us have been "playing" church, living passionless and selfishly. It has really hit my heart in a serious way. God has been burdening my heart for a long time now, and this book just kind of put into words what I have been feeling. It's as if she wrote down my very thoughts! Both of these are some serious reading, and once read we have a responsibility to act, so read with caution, lol.

On a lighter note, my kids have made my life so much more fulfilled, but I swear sometimes it feels like they will be the death of me, lol. The past few weeks have just been FULL of mommy moments. Gwen disasters, like pulling dressers down, twice. 2 of the kids being sick, all of us having a dr. appointment on Friday, with the youngest 2 getting shots. And just regular everyday bickering and whining. Some days my goal is just to stay sane, sometimes I do, sometimes I feel I'm on the brink, lol.

Gabe started preschool on Thursday and Kayleigh starts 3rd grade in a week. Hoping a routine will help with the craziness.

Oh and it was 54 degrees last night, in August in the Midwest, crazy! Kayleigh's birthday is Tuesday, and the day she was born I think the temperature was 105, go figure.

Have a great Sunday ya'll!

Monday, August 24, 2009

This n that

I kind of took a break from blogging, in case anyone noticed :) I'm back, in case anyone cares, lol. Just been a busy summer, and about to be a busier fall. But isn't everyone "busy". My busyness isn't any more important than another's busyness I would say, so that is no excuse.

Please pray for my husband's cousin, Shelly. She lost her husband about a month ago, he died of cancer, at the age of 42, after about a 2 year very painful battle. Very sad. Then an aunt died a few days ago, and today 4 hours before that funeral, Shelly's dog, Sabre, who she has had for 12 years got hit by a car and died. She has no children, he's her baby. She, understandably, isn't doing well today. Her grief plate is full right now. She could use some help bearing it.

Donny, my husband, is down at his folks, about 2 hours from here, for the funeral of the aunt. So I'm a single mom for a few days. I'm a single mom most days, his work schedule is crazy, add any family trips and there ya go. Gwen has been quite, um, curious today. She rubbed nail glue all over her bare belly, you know the kind that dries in 1 second flat and is so strong it can suspend a two hundred pound man with a hard hat on to a steel pole. Thankfully she got it on no other body parts to stick them together, sheesh that could have been bad. And for anyone who says to me, well don't leave it out where she can get it. I say, I was glueing some broken toys together, turned my back for 5 seconds and hurricane Gwen struck. Seriously, she is faster than Edward Cullen. Then she pulls over her and her sisters bookshelf/cubby thingy in their room. Toys and books everywhere. Put her down for her nap and wouldn't ya know it she didn't sleep a wink. ~sigh~ I'm at my Gwenny disaster/whining limit for the day and it's a looooooong time til bedtime, pray for me.