Monday, May 11, 2009

Long time no write

Just really haven't felt like blogging lately. My weight loss has stalled out big time. I am down to 161-162 and holding fast. We are not doing the low carb anymore, just got burnt out on the time and energy it took to plan and prepare every meal. I am still working out faithfully, which is keeping me where I am and I think I am losing a tiny bit of weight that way as well, so we will see. I am going to do something eating wise again soon to get another 10 pounds off, just taking a small break. Never did get below 160 for a giveway, but still trying!

Hope everyone's Mother's Days were great, mine was. I got 2 dozen golf balls from my kids and after church and lunch at our fave Chinese buffet I got to go play golf with a friend all afternoon, it was great. AND I had a birdie, my first one ever. For anyone not familiar with golf that is when you get the ball in the hole one under par. For instance if a hole is par 4, which means if your good you should be able to hit the ball in the hole with 4 shots, and you hit it in with 3, that is a birdie. Very exciting!

Haven't been keeping up with everyone's blog's very well either, will try to do that today. Miss you all!